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2018 the first cloud to meet global supplier conference held in Beijing hotel

Date: 2018-07-23

Yesterday, by global company guide, tickets, hotel dining one-stop direct mining platform cloud to meet at the "industry leaders, altogether casts the legend Be Partners, Be Legends - 2018 the first cloud to meet global hotel supplier conference" magnificent hotel grand opening in Beijing.Conference site brings together from Europe, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and other countries and regions of more than 60 global suppliers on behalf of the hotel, the opening ceremony of the joint strategic cooperation.
After the founder of pure travel Meng Lei brief opening speech, cloud to meet CEO cover book China to global hotel suppliers on behalf of the cloud is introduced to meet the development course, and brand vision of the future.At the same time, he shows the clouds to meet the rapid growth of hotel business: in May 2017 after hotel reservations online, only a month, cloud to meet hotel reservations monthly revenue hit 1 million;After purchasing a mushroom trip, in April, in May 2018 the clouds to meet hotel reservations in 100 million operating income is.At the end of the speech, GaiShuHua also expressed his expectations about future cloud to pick up the hotel business, and hope that in a custom game industry, full of opportunities and challenges to global hotel suppliers together hand in hand, altogether casts the legend!
Then EAN Asia Pacific customer management, senior director David Asahara and Webbeds Asia Pacific chief executive Daryl Lee (wei-bin li), respectively, as a representative of the supplier delivered a speech.They the clouds to meet the rapid development of the affirmation and praise, at the same time to share the experience of cooperation with cloud to pick up, and said a more in-depth cooperation with each other in the future.Which EAN Asia Pacific customer management, senior director David Asahara highlighted, cloud to connect is a company that made him very impressive, as the world's first EAN latest API interface access to the company, the cloud to meet with profound technical development in a very short time and online, at the same time after the online interface remained stable, and trading volume is growing fast.

After EAN and DOTW supplier representative to cloud and the further strategic cooperation letter of intent signed, hope that the future can improve the competitive hotel inventory, and cloud to meet for a more in-depth cooperation.

From left to right as Dotw area general manager wang shan, cloud to Kitty vice President for marketing, Webbeds wei-bin li of the Asia Pacific chief executive, the clouds to meet the CEO cover book China, EAN Asia Pacific senior director David Asahara, cloud to meet product Wang Guanna operations director, Agoda strategic cooperation, senior manager Alice Zhao
Subsequently, hotel supplier representatives came to power and cloud to meet with the opening ceremony of the strategic cooperation, on behalf of the cloud to meet with global hotel suppliers work together, create new brilliance.